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Can Cat Swim After Trained Them Properly? demystified

Cats are habitual animals, and anything outside of this habit or mastery seems scary to them. Can cat swim? If you’ve been thinking about this, the answer is yes; they can. Only with proper guidance and practice can they swim in the water.

What are you wondering? You may think cats don’t like water, so how can they swim? Your idea is not entirely correct.

However, many cats can swim well; some cats are afraid of water because they are not familiar with water or are not instructed to swim correctly, so they are afraid.

By reading today’s article, you can learn everything from train your cat to swim to the process of making it water friendly.

 Why Cats Hate Water

An old saying has been found prevalent among most people that they think all cats hate water. But, unfortunately, that means that they cannot swim, nor can they be trained. 

But their idea is entirely wrong. Cats have their reasons why they do not like water. So let’s find out the reasons why they dislike water.

Feel Weighted Down

While wet in water, the fur of the cat’s body gets wet, which makes them feel heavy. And in this loaded condition, the cat has difficulty in moving.

Since they like to walk fast, it makes them uncomfortable when they are wet in water.  In general, cats feel less secure when loaded with water, so they do not like water.  

Feel too Cold

Another reason cats dislike water is that their body feels cold very quickly.  When wet in water, cats’ body temperature naturally drops drastically, causing their body to cool down quickly. 

In domestic cats, their hair is short and has little fur, so water enters their skin directly and cools the body quickly. That’s why many domestic cats do not like water for this reason. 

Water Smells Make them Unpleasant.

Cats are susceptible animals. Usually, no one can identify the chemicals in the water, but cats are susceptible, so they get that smell very quickly. This smile of theirs makes them unpleasant in water.  

Bad Experience

Some cats behave favorably in water. But, unfortunately, many cats also have bad experiences that cause them to dislike water.

Bad experience means losing control while playing in the water or drowning in a pond or river. These experiences make cats naturally dislike water.

When Cats can Swim

Not all cats dislike water. Like the Maine Coon and American Bobtail, Turkish Vans, many cats swim in the water very comfortably. When your cat is afraid of water, understand that the cat dislikes or is afraid of water for one of the above reasons.

But, you can train your cat to swim to overcome their fear and establish a friendly relationship with the water. Generally, the cat will start liking the water when it can feel comfortable in it, and at some point, it will swim.

So, it can be said that if the full training is well known, the cat will undoubtedly be able to swim.

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Train your Cat to Swim

When we started learning to swim, naturally, it was impossible to swim in one day. So instead, the process of swimming has been learned by practicing slowly.

Similarly, the process of training for cats has to start slowly. If your cat enjoys bravery and water very quickly, you can also train the cat to swim very quickly.

However, since it is a matter of water and safety, you have to train very carefully. So, let’s take a close look at one of the basic instructions on training your cat to learn to swim quickly.


Introduce your cat to the water at the beginning of the swimming process. Unfortunately, all you can do for introduction is allow your cat to come to the bathroom while bathing or tempt the cat to take the toy from the pool by leaving the cat’s favorite toy in the children’s pool.


If they feel comfortable during the water acquaintance, try to carry them and walk around the pool. Next, gently touch the tail to any part of their body in water and check their feelings. Also, notice how they feel. 


The next step is to sit in the pool with the cat or in the bathtub. After some time, leave cats lightly in the water to see if the cat starts to panel before hitting the water.


With one more step, you can understand how much he has become water-friendly. Now gently lower the cat into the water and observe them closely. You need to make sure that they do not get hurt in any way.


Hopefully, after reading this article, your thoughts on whether cats can swim are now apparent. As cats are training animals, you can now train them to swim.

By following the above training steps, you can train your cat to swim. In the end, we can again say that if cats are trained in proper training, they will be able to swim.