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do cats sleep with their eyes open | best cats sleeping positions

f you have a cute little fluffy cat, then you must have seen it in wacky and weird sleep positions.

Cats can spend up to 12-20 hours each day getting their top-notch beauty sleeps. So, once in a while, you must have wondered about getting a soft cat bed for your adorable friend to rest. But the thing that should make you wonder is the way they sleep.

They do have some weird yet fascinating kinds of sleeping positions. And it might appear a bit strange to you to see them that way.

But don’t you wonder how they might feel when they are in these kinds of sleeping positions? Are they feeling contented and relaxed, or are they on guard and seeking some alone time?

So, to know all the best cats sleeping positions, this article can be your ultimate guide. Therefore, keep reading without even skipping!

Most Common and Best Cats Sleeping Positions

Belly Up Position

This is one of the funniest-looking sleeping positions of all. In this position, your furry friend will stay on the back, sprawling their hind legs wide open and their cute little paws spread out. So, when you see your fluffy little cat in this comfortable position, then you just got one blissed-out cute little cat.

The reason is when your cat is exposing his stomach in this manner; he’s feeling relatively safe and secure in your place. This position entirely reflects coziness, comfort, and total relaxation.

Curled Up

This position is also known as “the crescent.” In such positions, your adorable little kitty is going to tuck in all of its legs and tail with its neck and head curled right towards the center of its body.

The reason cats prefer this position is that it creates a safe sleeping style. Mostly, this position is adopted by many wild cats because it gives a more protective measure to keep all their vital organs safe and sound from any potential attacks.

Don’t even worry a bit if you see your pampered little cat in this position. It’s not feeling insecure or anything; it’s more like its instinct inherited from its ancestors.

Moreover, it’s a fantastic position because it can keep itself warm in this manner. And maybe, it just wants to spend some alone time as well!

The Cat Loaf Position

When your adorable little cat tucks in all of its paws underneath its body and curls its tail around with its head staying in an upright position, it means the kitty is in a “loaf” position.

The reason it’s called “loaf position” is that it seems more like a loaf of bread. Moreover, it’s like an attentive sleeping posture, which means your cat is equally sleeping and prepared for any surprise attack. This sleeping position keeps your fluffy friend alert of the surrounding environment.

So, it’s a good sign if your cat is sleeping in this manner as it’s both contented and alert at the same time. And it’s more like a common sleeping position in the winters as it helps your cat retain its body heat!

Side Sleeper

Like humans, sleeping on either side is one of the most favorite and comfortable sleeping positions for almost all cats.

When your cat is sleeping on its side, it means it’s at peace and feeling very comfortable with the surrounding environment. To simply put it, your cat is entirely connected with you, and it feels very safe to be here.

So, if you see your cat in any such side sleeping position, then it’s definitely in a deep sleep, and you might even notice some muscles twitching, a guaranteed sign that it’s having a wonderful dream!

Do Cats Sleep with their Eyes Open- Eye Still Seeing You?

Have you ever thought about why your cat sleeps with eyes half-open? It’s because of its predatory nature! In simple words, it’s always in “alert mode” for any sudden threats.

Keeping the eyes half-open allows them to rest and even react to any surprise movement or noise.

Moreover, you might have even noticed that your cat keeps one of its eyes open and the other entire shut. This type of sleeping is called the “unihemispheric slow-wave sleep stage.”

In such cases, half of your fluffy friend’s brain is unconscious while the other half stays awake.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Hidden Face

Did you ever spot your cat sleeping with its paws covering the face or head? There are several reasons why your cat chooses such positions.

If it’s sleeping with paws over its eyes, then this can mean it’s trying to keep the nose warm or even blocking the sunlight.

However, if your cat is sleeping with its head buried, then it’s a clear sign it wants to be left alone. Moreover, burying the head in a secure and dark spot might resemble your cat’s desire to feel safe and secure.

In all these cases, it’s better not pat or disturb your cat as it might be needing some personal space!

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best cat sleeping positions that you might get to see. However, as a cat owner, your responsibility is to make sure you observe how your cat is sleeping and what type of positions it’s referring to. It’s because the positions your cat chooses leave a sign of how it’s feeling around its environment.

So, if you see your cat is scared or too much anxious, try to calm it down. And if it’s curled or tucked up, let it rest and have a good nod off.